Primeval Labs High Stim Stack

  • £64.99


Mega Pre Black takes the best elements from the original stimulant-free Mega Pre and adds several additional energy and performance enhancers (including 260mg of 40% Dynamine!)  to create a pre workout experience unlike any other.

Mega Pre White is a revelation to the pre workout landscape, providing a robust formula packing 8 research-backed ingredients. Each serving of Mega Pre provides the essential components the mind and body need to perform at its best.

Mega Pre White also contains NO stimulants, making it incredibly versatile for those that are stimulant-sensitive or train late at night.


With Mega Pre Black, you get all of the same great pumps and performance of the original Mega Pre, but now you get all the energy to match those epics pumps!

  • 5 incredible flavors
  • Intense energy from the CNS-boosting trifecta of caffeine + TeaCrine® + Dynamine™*
  • 6g pure L-Citrulline + 200mg Pine Bark to throttle nitric oxide production and support massive muscle pumps.
  • Nootropics to elevate focus and concentration.
  • elevATP® + Betaine for improved ATP production and increased energy.
  • NNo Proprietary Blend.
  • NO jitters.
  • NO intra-or post-workout energy crash.

Mega Pre White. The simple truth of the matter is that stimulants and stimulant blends are often the cheapest components to pre-workout formulas. Rather than throw in a bunch of cheap stimulants and charge the customer an egregious amount of money, Primeval Labs has invested time, effort, and money to bring you the finest quality ingredients all at their clinically backed doses.

On top of that, stimulants may act as vasoconstrictors (reducing the diameter of blood vessels), which goes against everything that Mega Pre is intended to do -- promote increased blood flow for greater performance, gains, and PUMPS.

If you’re really hurting for some stims, we offer several stim-based options that can be stacked with Mega Pre White or you can simply have a cup of coffee alongside your serving.