Axe & Sledge 'Rough Neck' Stack


Ignition Switch contains scientifically validated ingredients that will help boost energy, enhance mental focus, improve the feeling of wellbeing, increase blood flow & nutrient delivery, and increase muscle power and endurance.

Hydraulic is the first stimulant free pre-workout of its kind. not just a pump formula but an actual stimulant free product that can be stacked or used by itself.

The Grind is a full spectrum, hydration enhancing amino acid supplement designed to improve performance during your workouts and improve muscle recovery in between your workouts.


Axe & Sledge have formulated a series of patented ingredients to increase energy levels, heighten your mental focus with an incredible mind to muscle connection, increase blood flow/pump, and add an extra edge to your workouts that will separate you from the rest! all of this without the a crash! you will have sustained energy hours after your workout. this product allows you to get an insane workout and continue your day/night without the dreaded crash.