Innovapharm Riboforce ATP


InnovaPharm has added another game changer to their product lineup. With Ribo Force you will get superior ATP production over creatine alone. With the combination of ingredients InnovaPharm chose, this product is sure to provide great results when combined with a strength training programme.


With their combination of the Creapure Creatine Monohydrate, Bioenergy Ribose, elevATP, and B-Ribose (Benfotiamine), along with Taurine, and TRAACS Magnesium, Ribo Force is designed to increase the bodies production of ATP much more than just a standard creatine supplement.

The formula starts with 5 grams of Creapure, because instead of reinventing the wheel, InnovaPharm just wanted to improve upon an old design. That is where the similarities end with typical creatine supplements though.

Bioenergy Ribose is one of the only compounds that can take the place of ribose in the process of synthesizing compounds such as ATP. Standard ribose is created in the body from glucose, but that process is very slow. By supplementing with a bio available form of ribose, the production of ATP is enhanced significantly. 

B-Ribose, or Benfotiamine, is a derivative of Thiamine (B1) and has multiple advantages related to training. First, it helps increase the production of certain enzymes that enhance healthy cell growth. Secondly it has been shown to inhibit the NOX4 gene, improving the breakdown of glucose in the muscles.

 ElevATP is a water soluble combination of fossilized plant extracts and an apple extract. These compounds work to increase the amount of ATP available in the bloodstream. This means while the Creapure, Bioenergy Ribose, and B-Ribose are increasing the body's production, elevATP is increasing the amount the body can store in the muscles. 

These ingredients work to truly improve the production of ATP in the muscles, and increase the amount available to be used in training.