Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Pre-Workout

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Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Pre-Workout is a limited edition winter only high stim formula. This Pre-workout is built for energy, mental focus and performance, packing a huge 1.1g energy and focus blend of caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, the intense eria jarensis, hordenine, theobromine, citrus aurantium, and theanine. Naughty boy have left no stone un-turned when it came to formulating this pre-workout, its just a shame it wont be around for long! 

Ingredients breakdown

NucleoPrime®  Full clinical dosage 500mg

NucleoPrime® Supplementation is an effective tool for active people seeking better performance and faster recovery. NucleoPrime® Promotes endurance performance, prevents declines in performance peak power, supports faster recovery and maintenance of force production, May  improve brain cell health and growth effect.

NooLVL® Full clinical dosage 1600mg

NooLVL® Is a patented non stimulant ingredient that enhances processing speed and accuracy, up regulates dopamine, up regulates endothelial NOS (eNOS) , supports exercise performance, delays time to exhaustion, delays muscle fatigue and maximises recovery.

Watt’s UP® Full Clinical Dosage 500mg

Watt’s UP is a natural ingredient extracted from citrus sinensis and produced in Spain. The process results in a unique product containing high content of S-Hesperidin the most active confirmation of orange flavonoids. Clinical research shows that after only 15 minutes metabolites reach the blood stream to boost performance giving you more power, energy, vascularity and enhanced oxygen uptake.

BrainBerry® Full Clinical dosage 65mg

This natural Aronia Berry Extract crosses the blood brain barrier systemically enhancing brain perfusion and increasing oxygen uptake. Once in the brain Cyanidin-3-0-galactoside lowers the activity of the enzyme acetyl choline esterase, keeping choline levels and brain signalling activity on point.

BETABro® 4000mg

The BETABro Complex brings 3500mg of Beta-Alanine and 500mg of Orotic Acid, this combination may assist you with muscular strength and endurance, regulating ATP levels, increasing glucose uptake and decreasing fatigue.

ElevATP® Full Clinical dosage 150mg

ElevATP® Has been proven to increase power output and training volume, support higher levels of mitochondrial ATP and help improve athletic performance and body composition.


Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Pre-Workout comes in 1 delicious and unique flavour. 

  • Blood Banana

How to use

Mix 1-2 servings (1-2 scoops) with 200-250ml of cold water and consume 15-20 minutes before exercise. Winter Soldier Pre-Workout contains 400mg of caffeine per serving. Do not consume more than 2 scoops in any 24 hours period.

Extra Information

Serving Size - 1 Scoop 

Servings Per Container - 40

Cost Per Serve - £0.92