Primeval Labs Triple Stack


Mega Pre Red is fuelled by a robust combination of vasodilators, vasorelaxants, energy enhancers and focus boosters to create a pre workout that powers thousands to their best workouts ever.

Mega Pre White is a revelation to the pump formula landscape, providing a robust formula packing 8 research-backed pump inducing ingredients. Each serving of Mega Pre provides the essential components the mind and body need to perform at its best.

EAA Max provides a full essential amino acid profile including a full 5g dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs to support muscle growth, repair, and recovery!



Mega Stack ushers in the next evolution in delicious-tasting pre workout stacks from Primeval Labs.

  • Intense Energy and Performance
  • Increased Muscle Endurance and volume
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Promotes Recovery Time
  • Highly Researched Ingredients 
  • Increase in energy and focus
  • Increase in blood flow and muscle volume
  • Increase in muscle endurance and muscle output.

Eat Max not only stimulates protein synthesis, but supports energy production and cellular repair.

Additionally, EAAs are needed for complete and healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. EAAs also support each cell’s mitochondria -- the “power plant” of the cell that generates ATP!