The Supps House

 Dean Kimpton - Managing Director - The Arnold Sports Festival UK 2021
I started The Supps House In 2017 after recently returning from a deployment in Afghanistan where I worked alongside the American Army. They opened my eyes to the quality of supplements available overseas and how they are so much more effective. I was used to the cheap under dosed commercial products that i'm sure you have all seen and tried that I don't need to mention. So, after returning home I decided I was going to start Importing and selling these smaller but much higher quality brands in the UK so that you could have the same experiences i did. Like most business I started in a spare bedroom and worked my way up to where we are today, but this is just the beginning. 





We could have been like any other supplement retailer, selling a high quantity of low quality, under dosed run of the mill supplements, however, we have chosen to bring only the No.1 brands from around the world to the U.K. These Companies Truly believe in their products and are honest with exactly whats in them, No Proprietary blends or products made up of fillers, just high quality ingredients to help you achieve your goals. We Stock only the best Preworkouts - Protein Powders - BCAA - Pump Formulas - Fat Burners - Testosterone Boosters.



To provide our customers with the highest of quality supplements that have proven beneficial results with the best possible customer service.



The unfortunate reality is that most supplements on the market today are a joke, filled with ingredients untested or, those that have ingredients with proven results are thrown in underdosed to make it seem like a quality product, this is usually in the form of a proprietary blend which will give the ingredient but not the exact amount. We only provide products that show exactly what's in it and with exact dosages, this means you can decide for yourself if the product is right for your goals.