How to Choose the Right Workout Supplements

How to Choose the Right Workout Supplements

Whether you’re a workout beginner or want to reinvent the way in which you exercise, you might be curious about the best pre-workout supplement for muscle gain or even the best post-workout supplements for soreness. Well, knowing the best supplement to take after a workout isn’t that straightforward and is dependent on your body, as well as what you’re looking to achieve. 

Pre- and post-workout supplements for beginners are growing in popularity across the globe; however, many of us don’t know what to look for in a pre-workout supplement. We’re often left wondering “what do pre-workout supplements do?” or “are workout supplements good for you?” Below, you’ll find workout supplements explained

What do You Want to Achieve from Your Workout?

When selecting caffeinated and caffeine-free pre-workout supplements, you must initially consider what you’re looking to get from your workout. Are you looking for the best pre-workout supplement for fat loss, or are you hoping supplements before workouts will optimise your performance? Ultimately, your desired outcome will dictate your supplement needs.

What Should You Take Pre-Workout?

Until recently, post-workout supplements were among the most popular supplements as there was a general assumption that anyone working out intended to gain muscle. Despite this, pre-workout supplements have since soared in popularity, particularly for gym newbies. This is because beginners may feel sluggish and tired ahead of their workout and need a little boost. Basically, pre-workout supplements will energise you in anticipation of your workout. 

Do You Have Dietary Restrictions?

As with anything, you should always be careful about your dietary requirements. Therefore, if you require gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan products, ensure you check the ingredients of your supplements. Most products will indicate whether they’re “free-from”, but it’s always a good idea to read the label if this isn’t abundantly clear. 


As previously mentioned, protein is vital for building muscle, which is why protein powders are prominent within the market. Despite this, if muscle-building isn’t your end goal, protein powders won’t be beneficial to you on your workout journey. 

Amino Acids

Although people are often torn between protein and amino acids, it’s an incorrect assumption that one is more beneficial than the other. In fact, amino acids are the building blocks of protein, meaning amino acids can actually optimise the effectiveness of your protein supplements. As a result, anyone looking to build muscle should incorporate amino acids into their diet alongside protein. 

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is an organic acid that effectively increases your strength and assists you in achieving a lean figure. It’s a natural acid within the body that regenerates adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is responsible for repairing and reissuing tissues and nerves within the body. Similarly, it's effective in building brain matter, meaning this type of supplement can aid you in all manner of ways.

Workout Planning and Scheduling

Although supplements can certainly help you in your workout journey, planning and timetabling are essential. Supplements aren’t magic solutions and a well-executed workout is needed for them to take effect. Therefore, you should always be looking at how to make gains, keep them, and not plateau or regress. Unfortunately, supplements won’t make you invincible and you’ll still need to consider your physical limits. Even with supplements on your side, pushing yourself too hard is sure to result in injury. 


Something that many people neglect when it comes to their fitness journey is their diet. Hydration is key, and eating a balanced selection of foods is hugely important; without properly planning your diet, your eating and drinking habits could fail you in your fitness journey. For instance, if you’re looking to lose weight, overindulging in carbs and fats won’t help you. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to build muscle, a lack of protein won’t do you any favours. You should research what you should be eating in line with your fitness goals. Similarly, regardless of your fitness goals, you should always ensure you’re hydrated. 

Don’t Take Unqualified Advice

No matter how fit someone appears, they may not have the slightest idea about your body’s requirements. Therefore, you shouldn’t follow the advice of those who aren’t qualified to give it. Instead, why not contact our team at We’re more than qualified to advise you about what supplements you should be taking and what to incorporate into your diet. 

Be sure to browse our product range, including Seth Feroce supplements and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about any of our supplements. Order from The Supps House today. 

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Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout
Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout
Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout
Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout
Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout
Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout
Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout

Innovapharm Mvpre 2.0 | Pre-Workout

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