The muscle building process requires you to tear your existing muscle fibres during training, and then provide them with the necessary nutrients to recover and grow larger and stronger. Supplements are commonly used and proven to facilitate this process, whereby they are used to enhance training performance, improve recovery and accelerate fat loss. Pre workouts are one of the most widely used products in order to improve the performance of their training sessions. Pre-workouts increase energy, focus, concentration, strength and muscle pumps. Therefore, Pre-Workout can help you build muscle. Supplements are also used post-workout, to ensure adequate recovery and therefore growth can be achieved. Supplements like Protein Powder, Mass Gainers and Carbohydrates are used to facilitate the recovery process. In addition, a variety of amino acids including BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids), Creatine and Glutamine are useful for those aiming to build muscle, which further increase your recovery potential whilst allowing you to maintain muscle mass during vigorous training.