Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim Free) - The Supps House LTD
Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim Free) - The Supps House LTD

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn | Pre-Workout | Stim Free

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Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is a revolutionary 2 in 1 formula that is equal parts incredible pre-workout pump formula and scorching fat burner. 

Superhuman Burn combines the original, top selling Superhuman Pump with clinically dosed fat melting ingredients to give you a never before seen formula. 

The revolutionary offspring that takes our top selling, award winning Superhuman pre workout and combines it with NEW fat burning ingredients into one never-before-done formula... SuperHuman Burn gives you the power to help you fat and help build lean muscle mass at the same time in a unique pre-workout experience like no other.†

  • Maximizes the juiciest pumps so you can say hello to veins you never knew existed!

  • Dual-patented ingredients to ensure your body receives the maximum benefits.  

SuperHuman Burn Stim-Free is packed with 7 powerful patented ingredients...

Each 2 scoops of SuperHuman Burn contains clinical doses of these premium powerhouses:


500 mg of MitoBurn™

100 mg of Cocoabuterol®

100 mg of Advantra Z®

100 mg of Infinergy™ DiCaffeine Malate

40 mg of CaloriBurn GP™

25 mg of AstraGin®

5 mg of BioPerine®

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