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Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Menace - The Supps House LTD

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Menace | Pre-Workout

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Limited Edition. Winter Only!

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Menace is an intense pre-workout formula designed for stimulant lovers that consider themselves a breed above. Winter Soldier hits fast, intense and delivers energy all the way through your toughest workout. With delicious flavours and an extremely well designed ingredient panel, Winter Soldier will help take you and your workouts from mediocre to exceptional!


Ingredients Breakdown

L-Citrulline - Citrulline is the precursor to Arginine in the body, which increases blood flow into the muscles. The increased blood flow brings nutrient rich blood to the muscles to increase the size (pump) but also to help repair.
Beta-Alanine - Allows you to train harder, for longer, and stimulate more muscle growth. Beta-Alanine can also help increase performance for high intensity cardiovascular events such as sprinting and cycling.
Betaine Anhydrous - Betaine plays a few roles in the body but is most known in the sports supplements industry for providing similar benefits to Creatine. Without going to scienctific; Betaine works as an osmolyte in the body just like Creatine. Osmolytes are molecules that are moved in and out of cells in order to maintain cell volume and fluid balance. A better-hydrated cell is more resilient to stressors such as training and exercise.
Taurine - Has been shown to contain properties that assist in the regulation of muscular contraction and force during strength and aerobic activity. In particular, Taurine acts to increase muscle force production and enhance fatigue resistance from severe high intensity exercise by increasing the efficiency of the heart (stroke volume) and maintaining cell volume (osmoregulation).
L-Tyrosine - Has been shown to effectively improve cognition in the presence of an acute stressor, typically high intensity exercise such as bodybuilding or crossfit. In particular, L-Tyrosine can acutely increase the production of noradrenaline and dopamine contributing to an increase in attention and cognitive performance.
Vitacholine - Known as a Choline donor that helps enhance cognitive function through the increase of choline into the body. These increased levels of choline then trigger the body to increase the production of Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is used in many processes in the body.
Mango Leaf Extract - Under cognitive stress conditions, Mango Leaf Extract modulates the neurotransmitter response, enhancing attention during cognitive task performance, improving reaction time and reducing cognitive fatigue while keeping the heart-rate and blood pressure without change. Under physical stress conditions Mango Leaf Extract formulations improve sports performance variables, acting as an ergogenic modulator. Mango Leaf Extract formulations furthermore improve brain oxygenation during physical activity, leading to improved cognitive function. 
Astragin - Works to enhance bioavailability and drastically increase the absorption of Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Astragin Also promotes healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, ultimately leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal lining.
Caffeine Anhydrous/Malate/Citrate - Caffeine helps to reduce fatigue, improve concentration and increase physical performance. In particular, it reduces sedation and relaxation by inhibiting the production of Adenosine, the chemical associated with sleep . This results in an increase in wakefulness, focus, better body coordination and can increase performance in cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise.
Juniper Berry - Is a unique ingredient that has the ability to increase the effectiveness and uptake of caffeine in the body, supercharging it for more beneficial results. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation and flush unwanted, excess fluid from the body. Increasing the effectiveness of caffeine can allow us to get just as much kick out of a dose, preserving the adrenals and reducing the need to build up to higher doses. Juniper Berry will make a product more potent and hard hitting while reducing stress on the body.



Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Menace comes in 3 mouth watering flavours! 

Baja bomb
Candy Bubblegum
Blood Orange

*Please note: Any flavours that are not available in the drop down menu are currently out of stock. You can sign up to our mailing list to find out about all restocks before anyone else! 


Extra Information

Serving Size - 1 Scoop (16g) 

Servings Per Container - 25

Cost Per Serving - £1.43

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