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Innovapharm Novapump Neuro | Pre-Workout | Stim Free
Innovapharm Novapump Neuro | Pre-Workout | Stim Free
Innovapharm Novapump Neuro | Pre-Workout | Stim Free
Innovapharm Novapump Neuro | Pre-Workout | Stim Free
Innovapharm Novapump Neuro | Pre-Workout | Stim Free

Innovapharm Novapump Neuro | Pre-Workout | Stim Free

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Enhances nitric oxide productionAmplifies focus & cognitionPromotes greater blood flowImproves nutrient delivery to working musclesEnhances resistance to fatigueBoosts strength & power output

Who needs stimulants when you’ve got strong nootropics? InnovaPharm’s Novapump Neuro is a stimulant-free pre-workout powerhouse of pump-enhancing ingredients and leading edge nootropics, designed to take your workouts - and your results - to the next level. Novapump Neuro not only gives you better muscle pumps, its focus-boosting ingredients also improve your mind and muscle connection, so you can crack out your best workout every time.

Ingredients Breakdown

Citrulline Malate - Helps your body to reduce fatigue and maintain power. In particular, it helps your body to metabolise protein and nitrogen which relaxes blood vessels and promotes circulation. This results in an increase in Nitric Oxide production, reducing fatigue and preserving strength and power output during exercise.

GlycerPump is an advanced form of glycerol. GlycerPump supports improved hydration and nutrient absorption due to its ability to enhance the cell’s ability to absorb water. Visualize GlycerPump transforming your cells into ultra-absorbent sponges and encouraging them to soak up extra water and nutrients and thereby improving endurance, performance, cell volumization, muscle fullness, vascularity, and pumps! In simple terms, GlycerPump sends extra fluid into the muscles resulting in improved hydration, endurance, performance, and Massive Pumps!

Super Spinach contains a NON-GMO Red Spinach Extract that contains up to 4 times the amount of natural nitrate as compared to beet root and has been shown to enhance Nitric Oxide levels in the body, in turn promoting cardiovascular health and supporting the function of the body’s vital organs.

PegaPump™ is another breakthrough pump and performance ingredient included in NovaPump™. PegaPump™ is an aqueous extract of Peganum Harmala standardized for the specific alkaloids that promote vasorelaxant and cardiovascular benefits.

Acetyl L-Carnitine - helps your body produce energy. In particular, it helps your body shuttle fatty acids from stored body fat into the mitochondria of muscle cells where it can be used for energy. This results in an increase in the use of stored body fat for energy (also known as increased fat metabolism).

L-Tyrosine - is an amino acid that aids in mental focus. We often times see this product used in nootropic supplements and even pre-workouts for this particular reason.

Alpha GPC - Quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier where it protects neurons and improves brain function and learning processes. Specifically by mechanism of action Alpha GPC directly increases the synthesis and secretion of acetylcholine better than any other choline related compound, influencing both system-wide and brain concentrations of choline. Alpha GPC is effective for enhancing mental performance and improving memory.

Huperzine-A - has the ability to quickly and effectively cross the blood-brain barrier preventing acetylcholinesterase (AChE) from decreasing acetylcholine levels. Specifically, Huperzine-A not only stops the breakdown of Acetylcholine but also allows for a surplus of Acetylcholine above base levels which works to improves nerve and brain function and the direct signalling of muscular contractions.


Innovapharm Novapump Neuro comes in 5 unique delicious flavours!

Mermaids Kiss (Rainbow Candy)
Blackberry Mojito
Sour Apple Punch
Pink Lemonade 

*Please note: Any flavours that are not available in the drop down menu are currently out of stock. You can sign up to our mailing list to find out about all restocks before anyone else! 

Extra Information

Serving Size - 1 Scoop (19.3g)

Servings Per Container - 20 

Cost Per Serving - £1.94

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