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Naughty Boy Life Pac - The Supps House LTD
Naughty Boy Life Pac - The Supps House LTD

Naughty Boy Life Pac | Multivitamin | Omega 3 | Super Greens & Reds

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The Ultimate Health Pack 

Naughty Boy Life Pac is a completely transparent, all in one, ultimate health pack. It contains over 80 active ingredients to cover everything you need in the most key health areas including Brain health, Immune support, Heart health and eye health to name just a few. 

Research has proven that strength athletes such as bodybuilders and powerlifters, due to the intensity and frequency of their training programs, have higher nutritional requirements than regular athletes. Studies have shown that these unique needs are greatly increased for bodybuilders who regularly compete and need to diet down. During calorie-restricted diets (diets which tend to be repetitive and monotonous, e.g., rice and chicken), the potential for nutritional deficiencies increase dramatically.

Consider the Life Pac as the cast iron skillet of your supplement program, your body's first line of defence. If you train with weights, then you absolutely need to train with the Life Pac. when the going gets tough, and every set, rep and meal matters the most.. Naughty Boys Life Pac has you covered!

Life Pac Contains  Multivitamins, minerals, probiotics, Omega 3, Super Greens, Super Reds and Vitamin D all in 1 daily pack. 


Ingredients Breakdown


This high-potency, comprehensive multivitamin supports the nutritional needs of serious training athletes. With Life Pac, you get plenty of everything you need. And a few extras. In every pack, you get a vast arsenal of over 80 key ingredients that are delivered in the right amounts at the right time, every time. Each part of the pack has been specifically formulated to deliver the goods—ample doses of vitamins, minerals, greens/reds, omegas and other performance optimisers designed to stand up to the most intense training and rigorous dieting. All in a highly absorbable convenient pack thats easy to take and digest.


Extra Information

Serving Size - 1 Pack

Servings Per Container - 30

Cost Per Serving - £1.19

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