Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear - The Supps House LTD
Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear - The Supps House LTD
Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear - The Supps House LTD
Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear - The Supps House LTD
Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear - The Supps House LTD
Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear - The Supps House LTD

Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear | Pre-Workout

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Seventh Gear will provide you with high energy as well as enhanced focus, increased power, strength and endurance!  

Axe and Sledge have taken it upon themselves to slice through the market with a high-stimulant cocktail that actually delivers. Designed for your most intense workouts, Seventh Gear uses three powerful stimulants to give you long-lasting energy without a dreaded crash and pairs these with smart ingredients to boost your focus, power, endurance and pumps. It’s the ultimate pre-workout to help you power through those frustrating plateaus.

We all have those workouts that require an extra gear and thats exactly what Seventh Gear is designed for. Seventh Gear is an intense, hard-hitting pre workout. 

High stim pre-workouts are one of the most popular product categories in the supplement industry. But they are often filled with prop blends, banned substances and ineffective doses. Seventh gear uses a fully disclosed label, no banned substances, well-researched ingredients and goes far beyond just stims. 

Ingredients Breakdown

Beta-Alanine - Allows you to train harder, for longer, and stimulate more muscle growth. Beta-Alanine can also help increase performance for high intensity cardiovascular events such as sprinting and cycling.

Betaine Anhydrous - Betaine plays a few roles in the body but is most known in the sports supplements industry for providing similar benefits to Creatine. Without going to scienctific; Betaine works as an osmolyte in the body just like Creatine. Osmolytes are molecules that are moved in and out of cells in order to maintain cell volume and fluid balance. A better-hydrated cell is more resilient to stressors such as training and exercise.

Creatine MagnaPower®  -MagnaPower increases muscle mass and strength at a fast  rate by providing your muscle cells with larger amounts of ATP. The magnesium in MagnaPower acts as a buffer to lactamation and allows for more Creatine to be available in the muscle cell. Study’s suggest that ergogenic activity maybe enhanced with magnesium and Creatine are chelated together.

Caffeine Anhydrous - Caffeine helps to reduce fatigue, improve concentration and increase physical performance. In particular, it reduces sedation and relaxation by inhibiting the production of Adenosine, the chemical associated with sleep . This results in an increase in wakefulness, focus, better body coordination and can increase performance in cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise.

Choline Bitartrate - is known as a Choline donor that helps enhance cognitive function through the increase of choline into the body. These increased levels of choline then trigger the body to increase the production of Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is used in many processes in the body.

Alpha GPC - Quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier where it protects neurons and improves brain function and learning processes. Specifically by mechanism of action Alpha GPC directly increases the synthesis and secretion of acetylcholine better than any other choline related compound, influencing both system-wide and brain concentrations of choline. Alpha GPC is effective for enhancing mental performance and improving memory.

Teacrine - Is an alkaloid that is molecularly similar to caffeine and possesses some unique stimulatory properties. TeaCrine is a naturally occurring substance derived from plant extracts and is traditionally found in a traditional Chinese tea known commonly as Kucha. It also has unique performance and mood enhancing properties.

Dicaffeine Malate - The first thing you will notice when you take dicaffeine malate is the initial surge of energy followed by steady energy that will sustain you through your workout. This is due to the bond between the caffeine and malic acid. You WILL not experience jitters, anxiousness, racing heartbeat, or any other ill side effects you might get from regular caffeine. You will also not experience any caffeine crash.

Black Pepper Extract - is clinically proven to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of various nutrients within the body.

Huperzine A - Helps with memory formation, and your speed and ability to recall information. Studies have also suggested that Huperzine-A can boost your mental energy.



Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear comes in 6 incredible flavours! 
HWMF (Rocket Pop)
Raspberry Lemonade
Pineapple Express
Whiskey Cola ( Version 2.0 Formula)
Your Mom's Sweet Lemonade
Your Mom's Sweet Peach
    *Please note: Any flavours that are not available in the drop down menu are currently out of stock. You can sign up to our mailing list to find out about all restocks before anyone else! 

    Extra Information

    Serving Size - 1 Scoop (4.9g) / 2 Scoops (9.8g)

    Servings Per Container - 60 / 30

    Cost Per Serving - £0.61 / £1.23


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